Boutiques Daily Digest #78

September 4th, 2015

Image Credit: Bymisha


Boutique of the Day

The Gypsy Wagon

Dallas, Texas

The Gypsy Wagon Way is all about celebrating people and having fun! This adorable boutique with three locations strives to carry gifts and home items that are handmade, produced with recycled or sustainable materials, or are made by people and companies who care. We use the word “boho” not as a reference to a trend, but as a state of mind. It exemplifies a nomadic spirit, a love for nature, a girl with a song in her heart. The Gypsy Wagon celebrates the little things like mini-beers, rainbows, and Dum-dums, all of which come free in the store.

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Jane Divine

Jane Divine
Boutique Feature

Thanks to the world of social media, owning a boutique soley online is just as popular as having an actual storefront. These days women (and men:) are ready to shop from the comforts of wherever th...

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