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Hey Gorgeous

New York City, New York

Nothing about this boutique is shabby, only chic. Hey Gorgeous is becoming one of the most recognized online boutiques cultivating a change in fashion, bringing women of every race, size, humor and style, look and feel as awesome as they are.

We love their motto - their mission to let women shop the way they were meant to, and not force them into a certain section of the website, a corner of the store, or a fit deemed 'flattering' for curvy figures. This shop is breaking the rules, dedicating the most beautiful cuts, patterns, styles and textures to allow women to express themselves through their own unique, personal style daily.

"This is clothing for women by people who love women--not people who want to change them."

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Jane Divine
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Thanks to the world of social media, owning a boutique soley online is just as popular as having an actual storefront. These days women (and men:) are ready to shop from the comforts of wherever th...


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